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JamesJames Boyd: Born June 20, 1967, James describes himself as ��a very ordinary person, transformed by the grace of a very extraordinary God.� He was saved in August of 1983, after being confronted with the words of Jesus in John 3:7, "Ye must be Born Again..." His life was further transformed five years later when he was baptized in the Holy Spirit, and he has been involved in the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement ever since.

James holds a Bachelors in Communication from The University of Tennessee and is an ordained minister with the Word of Faith Ministerial Association . He served for eight years as dean of Word of Faith Bible Training Center in Knoxville, Tennessee and now attends Trinity Community Church , also in Knoxville. He and his wife, Sandi have three children. You can view his ministry CV here.

Dave David Pope: Dave was born on September 10, 1971. A decorated Navy veteran, he describes his greatest life experiences as �Accepting Jesus, getting married and helping bring some amount of peace to Bosnia-Hercegovina.� He was Born Again on Sept 3rd, 1995 during that stint in Bosnia, which he describes as a ��foxhole conversion' that actually took�� He was then filled with the Holy Ghost 1 week later, at 1.30 am on his birthday (�My 'rushing mighty wind' was jet blast from the flight deck which was one level above where I was��). He continues to serve proudly in the Naval Reserves.

Dave is a graduate of both World Changers Bible Institute and The University of Tennessee , from which he holds a Bachelors degree in History. He enjoys teaching about a wide variety of Bible topics, but his specialty is prophecy-related study. Dave is an active member of Redemption Church International . His hobbies include gun collecting and Civil War history. He and his wife Julia have been married since 2007.

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