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"He cannot have God for his Father who does not have the church for his Mother."-Augustine

Why the church? A good church is an absolute necessity to be a successful Christian. Only one institution bears Jesus' seal as being His Body in the earth, and that institution is the church.

If you are not yet involved in a good church, this page is designed to help you find one in your area. Before we proceed, we encourage you to carefully read this two part study concerning the Christian's relationship to the local church:

The Church and You

The Church and You 2: Questions and Objections

Why a Full Gospel church? We see the pattern for the New Testament church in the Book of Acts. In this dramatic book, we see the church as a vibrant, on fire body of believers committed to exalting the Lord Jesus, proclaiming His Word, and applying it as the standard for their lives. There are many fine churches from a variety of denominations that are continuing these vital works today.

However, there was another dimension in the Book of Acts church that we dare not neglect: The supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. Before Jesus went back to Heaven, He told His disciples not to start their ministry until they had received "power from on high." This power came to them on the day of Pentecost, when they received the The Baptism in the Holy Spirit. We see the outgrowth of this wonderful experience both in the transformed lives of the disciples, and in the miraculous healing and delivering power we see throughout the Book of Acts. If we are going to follow the New Testament Pattern for the church today, we must seek the Spirit's power in the same way they did. This is why we highly recommend a Full Gospel (also known as Pentecostal or Charismatic) church. That being said, here are links to a number of Full Gospel denominations and parachurch organizations. Each site includes a section on locating affiliated churches in your area. We encourage you to look over them carefully, learn what they teach, and of course, compare it with the Scriptures.

For further reading: What Is a Full Gospel Christian?

Assemblies of God

Church of God (Cleveland, TN)

International Church of the Foursquare Gospel

International Convention of Faith Ministries


Vineyard Christian Fellowship

More Church Links: In addition, here are some churches which, although generally not charismatic, do faithfully follow the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith:

Southern Baptist Convention

Evangelical Free Church

Presbyterian Church In America

Free Presbyterian Church

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

Wesleyan Church

Church of the Nazarene

Christian and Missionary Alliance

Disclaimer: Please understand that these links do not necessarily indicate a blanket endorsement of every church affiliated with these organizations. Regardless of a church's label, Full Gospel or otherwise, each individual church must be evaluated on its own merits. Use Biblical discernment with any church you visit. For some helpful hints in these areas, see our study Scorecard For a Healthy Church .

Of course, if you live in, or will be visiting the East Tennessee area, we invite you to visit our home church, Redemption Church International

May God richly bless you as you serve Him in His Body!

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