Miscellaneous Writings

This is, for lack of a better term, the "Outtakes" section of our site. It consists of a diverse collection of letters, essays, reviews and school papers done on a wide variety of topics (ah, college life!)

James' News Column:

Featured in the The Tennessee Journalist, Summer, 2009

Christianity must denounce antisemitism-June 8, 2009

Fundamentalism needs clearer definition-May 27, 2009

Featured in the Daily Beacon, Spring, 2007

Best Sauces to Satify Chile Lovers-April 23, 2007

Abortion Violence No Solution-April 16, 2007

Editorials Should Be Read as Such-April 9, 2007

Easter Column, Part 2-Unpublished

Easter Story Still Powerful-March 26, 2007

Capital Punishment Shows Value of Life -March 19, 2007

Sister Leaves Impression in Heart -March 5, 2007

Term Limits Improve Government-February 26, 2007

Christians No Foes To Progress-February 19, 2007

Blanket Group Labels Inaccurate-February 5, 2007

Guest and Unpublished Columns

Guest Column: Pro-life reasoning not limited to conservatives, religious -January 16, 2009

Guest Column: Common Ground Equals Common Sense -September 12, 2008

Unpublished Column: Falwell Leaves Mixed Legacy -September 3rd, 2007

School papers by James

Analysis of the movie White Man's Burden-Sociology class, Fall, 2001

The Bhopal Tragedy-English Comp class, Summer, 2002

My Autobiography in Film-Psychology In Film class, Summer, 2002

Analysis of Edward Taylor's poem "Meditation 8"-American Literature class, Spring, 2003

Analysis of Herman Melville's "Bartleby the Scrivener"-American Literature class, Spring, 2003

The War in Iraq: a Defense-Political Science class, Fall, 2003

The Case For School Vouchers-Political Science class, Fall, 2003

The Ten Commandments and Religious Liberty-Political Science class, Fall, 2003

Analysis of Michael Moore's film Bowling For Columbine-Political Science class, Summer, 2004

Celebrities and Political Conventions -Political Science class, Summer, 2004

Galileo's Quest for a Rational Faith-Western Civ class, Fall, 2004

Robespierre's Rogue Revolution-Western Civ class, Fall, 2004

The Darwinian Paradox-Western Civ class, Fall, 2004

Communism's Cruel Joke-Western Civ class, Fall, 2004

Life in the Great Bear Rainforest-Biology class, Fall, 2004

Analysis of the PBS Documantary Shark Mountain-Biology class, Fall, 2004

Analysis of David McCullough's book Truman-Political Science class/Presidency Seminar, Summer, 2007

Mitt Romney's Paradox of Faith-Sociolinguistics class, Fall, 2007

"Obamanomics" draws mixed, passionate response-Journalism and Electronic Media class, Spring, 2009

Book reviews:

Dave's review of Christianity in Crisis by Hank Hannegraaf

James' review of Christianity in Power: a Response To Hank Hannegraaf by Michael Bruno

More Amazon Reviews

James' Amazon Lists:

Praise & Worship Essentials

Healing Classics

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