* Mis-statements, partial truths and outright lies.,- Posted on Amazon.com, August 11, 1999

Reviewer: A reader This book, authored by the self-proclaimed 'Bible Answerman'. Hank Hannegraff, is the largest collection of mis-statements, partial truths and outright lies I have ever seen. According to Hannegraff, the Faith movement, as exemplified by such men of God as Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin and others, is heretical and cultic. Hannegraff proceeds to prove this 'point' with a large collection of straw man arguements, false dichotomies, and several statements that border on slander , one case in particular being an internationally known minister of the Gospel is actually referred to as "...an expert at relieving poor people of their money." Another example is a particular well-known study Bible is referred to as "... the worst study Bible ever written." Anyone interested in the Faith Movement would be best advised to study God's Word for themselves, and leave so called 'answer men' be. I am being generous with the one star.