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2 Timothy 2:15

Hello, friend. Thank you for visiting us. We are committed to teaching foundational Christian Theology from a Pentecostal/Charismatic perspective. Our primary means of doing this is through our e-mail list serve. We have done articles on a number of topics, all of which are available on request. Available titles include; "The Case for Biblical Innerancy," "Inerrancy 2:Alleged Bible Contradictions," "Is the Bible Literal?," "Expositional Thoughts on The Trinity"(2 parts,) "Bullfrogs & Butterflies" (a study of the New Birth,) "Why the New Birth is Necessary," "What About Those who Have Never Heard?" "Scorecard for a Healthy Church," "Alcohol and the Bible," "Tongues FAQ," (3 parts) and "Prosperity: a Biblical Overview." If you would like a free subscription to the list and/or request any of these articles, simply click below on "Mail Us" and send your request and e-mail address. Also, be sure to sign our guestbook. This site is still under construction, and we plan to add a great deal more, so be sure to visit us often! May God richly bless you as you study and obey His wonderful Word!

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