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Added June 18, 2113: New audio sermon: A Jet Tour of the Gospel

Added August 22, 2011: Two new audio sermons: The Word of Faith Controversy and The Riddle of Eternal Security

Added July 15, 2011: A long-overdue new article, Humor in the Bible

Added December 31, 2009: Copyright and Distribution Guidelines for our site material

Added October 10, 2009: New audio sermon, The Power of Pentecost-Preached September 20, 2009 Read

Added June 11, 2009: James' news column returns, this time published on The Tennessee Journalist. The first two are Fundamentalism needs clearer definition and Christianity must denounce antisemitism

Added March 29, 2009: New audio sermon, A Radical Hope, as well as a new article, God, Gays and Grace: A Compassionate Look at Homosexuality. Also, check out James' new Twitter page!

Added December 23, 2008: Two new Audio sermons: Humor and the Bible/The Glory of God and Faces of Christmas

Added November 1, 2008: More FAQ updates

Added October 17, 2008: We commemorate 10 years on the web by chronicalling the Previous Versions of Our Site.

Added August 27, 2008: A long overdue update of our About Us page

Added July 31, 2008: New audio sermon, God Is...

Added March 30, 2008: After much delay, our site finally features Audio Bible studies!

Added January 13, 2008: Three new, previously unreleased articles: Order In the Courts: Biblical Thoughts on Church Government; "Pro-Choice" Christians? and The Gospel According to Evan Almighty

Added December 29, 2007: James' news column has been moved to our Miscelaneous Writings section

Added December 29, 2007: More updates to our FAQ section

Added August 12, 2007: James' Newspaper Column in the Daily Beacon.

Added May 20, 2007: New article: NOW Faith: a Meditation.

Added May 2, 2007: Two new, previously unreleased articles: Alcohol and the Bible 2: Frequently Asked Questions and The Word of Faith: a Biblical Overview.

Added December 22, 2006: New article: The Gospel According to St. Nicholas. This is also the first of our articles to be offered in a PDF Version (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Added November 11, 2006: New article: A Real Place Called Hell 2: A Guided Tour.

Added October 1, 2006:New, previously unrealeased article: King James Only?

Added May 27, 2006: More FAQ updates, dealing with eternal security, dietary laws and "Oneness" Pentecostalism.

Added May 26, 2006: New article: A Real Place Called Hell.

Added May 26, 2006: A help guide to Problems Viewing Our Site.

Added April 14, 2006: New article: Resurrection Realities: The Miracle of Easter.

Added March 5, 2006: More updates to our Frequently Asked Questions page

Added February 24, 2006: New article: The Compass and the Cross: Questions for Christian Masons.

Added February 19, 2006: Updates to our Frequently Asked Questions page

Added January 16, 2006: New article: The Tithe For Today.

Added January 2, 2006: 3 new, previously unrealeased articles: Can Women Preach? New Expanded Version, The "Foul Weed"-Smoking and the Bible and "Parking Lot Prophets?"

Added December 20, 2005: More additions to our FAQ page

Added November 24, 2005: Some additions to our Frequently Asked Questions page

Added October 27, 2005: Think: Loving God With Your Mind

Added October 3, 2005: New article: The Hurricane's Eye: A Message of Hope

Added July 3, 2005: New article: Independence Day Reflections: What's Right With America?

Added June 3, 2005: Some new Links, including a new section of Knoxville Local Interest links.

Added May 20, 2005: New article: Jesus: Conservative or Liberal? Part 3: Biblical Stewardship, Charity and Welfare

Added January 30, 2005: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about us, our site and our teaching

Added January 1, 2005: New article: Jesus: Conservative or Liberal? Part 2: Jesus, Money and the Poor

Added December 31, 2004: Lots of new Links!

Added August 30, 2004: New article: Jesus: Conservative or Liberal?

Added August 7, 2004: A new collection of Offsite Bible Articles on a wide variety of topics.

Added July 5, 2004: New article: Overcoming Life's Trials: A Survival Guide

Added May 1, 2004: More new Links!

Added March 16, 2004: Check out James' new Blog

Added February 5, 2004: Check out the new & improved Evangel Web Ring, now co-sponsored by our friends at Dokimos.

Added January 28, 2004: New article: First, the Bad News...

Added January 2, 2004: The Healing Page-Do you need physical healing? Would you like to learn more about this vital doctrine? Then this page is for you!

Added January 2, 2004: New previously unreleased article: Divine Healing: a Biblical Overview

Added January 1, 2004: Miscellaneous Writings- A diverse collection of letters, reviews and school papers

Added December 27, 2003: A new page of Photos of us and some of our friends

Added December 8, 2003: New article: Bethlehem's Treasure: A Christmas Meditation

Added November 1, 2003: More new Links!

Added October 17, 2003: Slight amendments made to the rules for the Full Gospel Web Ring and the Evangel Web Ring

Added October 8, 2003: New article: The Cross: Violent Grace

Added August 7, 2003: More new Links!

Added July 29, 2003: New article: Ministry: A Call Without Compromise

Added July 12, 2003: New, expanded version of our article, Speaking In Tongues, Frequently Asked Questions 3: Benefits of Tongues

Added July 11, 2003: New, expanded version of our article, Speaking In Tongues, Frequently Asked Questions 2: Are Tongues For All?

Added June 27, 2003: Still more new Links, including new sections of devotionals and Christian link and search directories.

Added May 8-16, 2003: More new Links,which brings us up to over 500!

Added April 6-15, 2003: LOADS of great new Links! Please also note that our Alphabetical links listing has been divided into two pages: A-M , and N-Z . Also, be sure to check out the new "Quick Links" in the left frame of our Main Page.

Added March 30, 2003: Check out the new design for our Links page, now featuring a new "Link of the Month", plus lots of other new links as well!

Added March 26, 2003:New Article: Issues of Life 3: Self-Defense, Firearms and the Military

Added February 22, 2003: Renewal Chat is now Renewal Forum.

Added February 22, 2003: A new, expanded version of one of our most popular articles, Speaking In Tongues, Frequently Asked Questions. Expanded versions of parts 2 and 3 are coming soon!

Added February 12, 2003: Even more new Links, now featuring sections on Evangelism & Apologetics, as well as Church History!

Added February 4, 2003:New Article: Issues of Life 2: Capital Punishment

Added January 15, 2003:New "Further Reading" links added to our article: Why Water Baptism?

Added January 15, 2003: Still more great new Links!

Added November 6, 2002: Two new Links categories: "Fun Stuff" and "Misc."

Added October 28, 2002:New Article: Issues of Life 1: Abortion

Added September 25-26, 2002: Even more great new Links!

Added September 18, 2002:New Article: Prosperity 2: Checks & Balances (Previously Unreleased)

Added September 3-5, 2002: Loads of new Links, including two new sections: "Denominations" and "Pentecostal/Charismatic Theology"

Added August 21, 2002:New Article: Politics 2: Responding to an Opposing View (Previously Unreleased)

Added July 12, 2002:New Article: Politics and the Christian Voter

Added July 2, 2002:Make a difference! Check out our News & Activism page!

Added June 28, 2002:Check out the new links added to our Church Locator page, as well as our article Alcohol and the Bible

Added May 10, 2002:New Article: Why Water Baptism?

Added March 28, 2002:After being down due to technical problems, we are happy to announce that Renewal Chat is once again up and running. Come by and talk with us!

Added March 6, 2002:Several new Study Tools, including links to the Bible in eight different translations!

Added February 15, 2002:Find a Full Gospel church near you with our new Church Locator

Added February 9, 2002:More new Links

Added February 1, 2002:Our Prayer Request Message Board is now operational again after some technical problems. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Added February 1, 2002:New Article: What Is Saving Faith?

Added January 19, 2002:Added several new Links

Added January 4, 2002:Using Alta Vista Babel Fish, you can now Translate Our Site into a variety of different languages

Added December 1, 2001:Navigating our site is easier than ever using our handy Site Map

Added December 1, 2001:New, expanded version of our article Prosperity: A Biblical Overview

Added Novenmber 22, 2001: Featured In... Media articles about our site

Added Novenmber 16, 2001:New Article: The Church and You 2: Questions and Objections

Added October 1, 2001:New Article: Clash of the Kingdoms: A Biblical Response to September 11

Added August 8, 2001:Link To Us with some cool new graphics!

Added July 28, 2001:New yuks on our Humor Page, including some new links to other humor sites!

Added July 17, 2001:For some cool quotes, quips, and observations on life, check out Wisdom Nuggets

Added July 12, 2001: Another batch of new Links covering a wide range of themes and topics

Added July 2, 2001: Read Our Latest Article The Church and You

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