Evangelism & Apologetics

AboutIsa.com-Gospel presentation to Muslims, including Arabic and Turkish versions

Answering Objections To Christianity-by Greg Bahnsen

Answers In Genesis-Creation science apologetics taught from a young earth perspective

Answers to Jehovah's Witnesses

Apologetics In Practice-by Greg Bahnsen

Apologists Bible Commentary

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism

Bulletin of Web Evangelism-A great e-mail newsletter

"...but Christians Are Hypocrites!"

Campus Crusade for Christ

Campus Crusade for Christ International

Center for Scientific Research-Creation science ministry

Chick Publications-Makers of the popular comic book Gospel tracts. Although Chick does produce some good evangelism resources, beware of the overly-sensational conspiracy themes in some of their material. (For more on this, click here).

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM)

Christian Geology Ministry- Contains some interesting perspectives on Genesis and Creation. This site deals with the Gap Theory, which is the creation view we gravitate toward

Christian Internet Evangelism

Christian Research and Evangelism

Christian Think Tank

Christianity and Buddhism Compared

Christianity and Hinduism Compared

Christianity and Islam Compared

Christianity and New Age Compared

Compel Them to Come In-One of Charles Spurgeon's best known evangelistic sermons

Creation Days-A Gap Theory site based in Denmark

Current Thoughts and Trends for Evangelism

Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?

Discover God

Does God Really Exist?

Evangecube Ministries

E-vangelism: The Internet Mission

Evangelism and Apologetics-by Greg Bahnsen

Evangelism Explosion International-Dr. Kennedy's classic evangelism course

Evangelism Toolbox

Evangelism Tool Box

EvanTell-Evangelism training site

Evangelistic Web Sites

The Exchanged Life

Fascinating Reading of the Bible for Catholics

54 Verses on Hell-Yes, it does exist

The Four Spiritual Laws

The Heart of the Matter: Knowing and Believing-by Greg Bahnsen

Hellwrecker.com-A very creative evangelistic site

Iamnext.com-Evangelistic site targeted toward college students

HIS-Net Evangelism Sites Directory

Historical Evidence For The Bible

Holy Trinity Apologetics

How Can I Be Born Again?-Online tract published by our home church

How To Witness On The Internet-by Arthur Blessitt

Institute for Creation Research-Scientific apologetics ministry, also adheres to the young earth theory

Is There Really a Hell?

Issues That Make Christians Squirm

Jews For Jesus

Leadership U World Religion Index

The Letter-This "Chick" tract is a sobering call to personal evangelism

Josh McDowell Ministries-Ground breaking Christian apologist

1-888-NEED HIM-Main page

Online Evangelism

Online List of Major Cults

Online Web Evangelism Guide

Origins.org-Deals with the Intelligent Design theory, which has been reshaping the creation/evolution debate

Passion of Christ: Who Is Jesus?

The Power of Your Testimony

Prominant Theologians Who Support the Gap Theory-More than you might realize!

Quick Answers To Excuses-A very valuable evangelism tool

Ready To Reason-by Greg Bahnsen

Reasons to Believe-The apologetics ministry of Dr. Hugh Ross. Ross is a progressive creationist, a view which we strongly disagree with. However, this site still contains some excellent apologetic material.

Religion or Christ: What's the Difference?

Scientific Evidence For The Bible

Shockwave Gospel Presentation

The Soul Winner-A classic work by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Stonewall Revisited-A compassionate Gospel Presentation to homosexuals

Street Preachers' Manual

Ten Reasons To Believe

Tools of Apologetics-by Greg Bahnsen

Utah Lighthouse Ministry-A Christian ministry to Mormons

Web Evangelism Resources

What Is Truth?

William Jennings Bryan on Evolution-Powerful article by the Scopes Trial prosecutor, written shortly before his death

Who Do You Think I Am?-Good online tract from Grace To You Ministries

Who Is Jesus?

Who Is This Man Who Says He's God?

Why Christianity?

Witnessing In Chat Rooms

Ravi Zacharias-Outstanding Christian apologist

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