Social Issues/Pro Life

Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation-by former President Ronald Reagan

Abortion and Genocide-Some shocking parallels

Alan Keyes: Pro Life Speech-From the 1996 Presidential campaign. Very powerful.

American Center For Law and Justice-A Christian civil liberties organization

American Family Association

Arguments Against Abortion

Abortion: A Christian Perspective

Behind the Scenes of an Abortion Clinic: Ex-Director Speaks -by Carol Everett

Being Pro-Life Is Necessary to Defend Liberty-by Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas

The Bible and Abortion - The Biblical Basis for a Prolife Position

Black Americans for Life

Center For Bio-Ethical Reform-Caution: Very Graphic

Center For Reclaiming America (D. James Kennedy)

Christian Solidarity Worldwide-Advocacy for persecuted Christians

College Conservative

Concerned Women For America

The Conservative Activist's Home Page

Constitution Party-Alternatiive pro-life political party

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Online

Christian Coalition

Christian Resources About Homosexuality and AIDS

Confessions of an Ex-Abortionist-An eye-opening article from Dr. Bernard Nathanson

Democrats For Life

Doing Time For God-Write letters to and on behalf of imprisoned Christians

Dred Scott, Again-by the late Robert, P. Casey, former Governor of Pennsylvania and a pro-life Democrat

Eagle Forum (Phyllis Schlafly)

Early Church Fathers and Abortion

Early Feminists on Abortion-You might be surprised!

Family Research Council

Federal Election Commission

Home School Defense League

The Hunger Site

Gianna Jessen's Testimony -The heart-wrenching story of a young lady who survived an abortion

Institute on Religion and Democracy

International Pro Life Sites

Law and Abortion: The Legal Basis for a Prolife Position

Libertarians For Life

Links to Ex-Gay Ministries

NARTH-National Association For Research and treatment of Homosexuality

National Alliance Against Christian descrimination

National Association of Pro-Life Nurses

National Right to Life Comittee

Negative Health Effects of Homosexuality


An Open Letter to the Killer of Barnett Slepian-Violence is not the answer

Operation Save America

The Other Side-A look at pro-abortion violence

The Persecuted Church

The Persecution Project

Presidential Prayer Team

Project Vote Smart

Pro Life Canada Index

Pro Life Data Exchange

Promote the Ten Commandments

The Real Clinton Legacy Caution: Very graphic

Register to Vote Online

Renew America-Alan Keyes

Republican National Coalition for Life

Rep. Tony Hall's Speech to the 1996 Democratic National Convention-Rep. Hall is a noted pro-life Democrat.

Roe V. 30 years of life denied

Roe v. Wade Is Not the Law of the Land Interesting article by Greg Moeller

The RU-486 Files-Information concerning the abortion pill.

The Rutherford Institute-Working for religious liberty and human rights

Science and Abortion: The Scientific Basis for a Prolife Position

Silent Scream-Caution: Very graphic

State Pro-Life Efforts and Information

Wayne Stayskal-Clever cartoons with a message!

Cal Thomas-Christian news columnist excellent conservative news site

Traditional Values Coalition site

Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List

Voter Guide Links-From various Christian/pro-family organizations

Why Partial-Birth Abortion Is Never Medically Necessary

Contact Your U.S. Representative

Contact Your U.S. Senator

Contact the White House

United States Constitution


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