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Abortion: A Christian Perspective

Arguments Against Abortion

The Bible and Abortion - The Biblical Basis for a Prolife Position

I Changed My Stand: My Struggle Over Abortion-by Pastor Zolton Phillips, III

Law and Abortion: The Legal Basis for a Prolife Position

Science and Abortion: The Scientific Basis for a Prolife Position

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Abstinence: Still the Best Choice-by Michael Liimatta

The Answer to Addiction-by Neil Anderson

Bible Verses for People in Recovery

"Booze"-by Billy Sunday

The Evil of Drink-by W. Albert Smith

The Good Book and The Big Book: A.A.'s Roots in the Bible

Theology of Christian Recovery-by Michael Liimatta

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Answering Objections To Christianity-by Greg Bahnsen

Apologetics In Practice-by Greg Bahnsen

Christianity and Buddhism Compared

Christianity and Hinduism Compared

Christianity and Islam Compared

Christianity and New Age Compared

Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?

Do All Paths Really Lead To God?

Does God Really Exist?

The Evidence For Jesus -by William Lane Craig

Why Christianity?

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Baptism: Why Immersion?

Baptism In Whose Name? From the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

Definitions of Baptism Terms

Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?-by John MacArthur

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Are There errors In the Bible?

Aren't There Contradictions In The Bible?

Can We Trust the Bible?

Historical Evidence For The Bible

The Holy Bible: Wholly True-by Winkie Pratney

Scientific Evidence For The Bible

Questions About the Bible

William Jennings Bryan on Evolution-Powerful article by the Scopes Trial prosecutor, written shortly before his death

Why Study the Bible?-by John MacArthur

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Charismatic See also Healing, Prosperity , Tongues, Word of Faith

Can a Charismatic Theology Be Biblical? -Good article by Dr. Jon Ruthven

Celebrating Our Charismatic and Pentecostal Heritage-An inspiring article from Christian History Magazine

Have the Gifts Stopped Being Given? -Good article by Robert Longman

Holy Spirit Baptized With Bible Evidence-A helpful study of tongues

Mark 16:15-20: Is It Genuine? -Are signs and wonders really part of God's Word?

On the Cessation of the Charismata-Dr. Ruthven's insightful rebuttal of the belief that spiritual gifts have ceased

The Origins of the Pentecostal Movement-An article by noted Pentecostal historian Vinson Synan

Pentecostals and Anti-Intellectualism

The Physical Benefit of Praying or Speaking in Tongues-Some astounding medical research from Dr. Carl Peterson

Questions about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit -From the Assemblies of God

A Reply to John F. MacArthur, Jr.-A good response to MacArthur's book "Charismatic Chaos" by Regent University Professor J. Rodman Williams

A Response to "Charismatic Chaos"-Another rebuttal of John MacArthur's book, this one by Vineyard Pastor Rich Nathan

Revisiting the Sins of the Great Awakening -Today's anti-charismatic propoganda is nothing new. James Spencer shows us how similar logic stopped one of histories greatest revivals in its tracks.

Slain In the Spirit: Fact or Fiction?- An online book by Ezra Coppin

Signs and Wonders in the Writings of the Church Fathers

This is Why...-An explanation of Charismatic worship

Which Miracles Are Real?-by J. Rodman Williams

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Christmas Mourning-by Keith Green

What About Celebrating Christmas? -by Kenneth Copeland

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Answering Healing Objections 1 by Dave Root

Answering Healing Objections 2 by Mike Fackerell

Divine Healing: Spiritual or Physical? by Troy Edwards

Does Sickness Glorify God? by Troy Edwards

Healing and God's Sovereignty by Bob Brassett

Healing Scriptures

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The Back-Slider In Heart>- by Charles. G. Finney

Breaking Up the Fallow Ground - by Charles. G. Finney

The Theatre of Your Mind—What's Showing?-by Denny Gunderson

35 Reasons Not To Sin

Why You Shouldn't Marry or Date an Unbeliever -by Melody Green

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Politics and Godly Government:

The Founders on Public Religious Expression

A Godless Constitution? -by Daniel L. Dreisbach

The Separation of Church and State -by David Barton

Ten Steps To Change America -by David Barton

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Prosperity & Stewardship

Prepare to Prosper -by Gloria Copeland

True Prosperity -by Gloria Copeland

Why Do Ministries Ask For Money?-by Jim Kingsnorth

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Praying in the Spirit Series -An outstanding series of articles by Robert Graves. To view the individual articles, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download free Here. Topics covered are:

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Word of Faith

Kenneth Copeland Ministries Respond-A first-hand rebuttal to Faith critics

55 Fatal Flaws: An Analysis of "Christianity in Crisis"-Doug Gilliland's thought provoking rebuttal to Hank Hannegraaf's controversial book

Heresy Hunters Institute-A hilarious parody of the anti-faith movement

Seven Tactics Of The Heresy Hunters-This important article discusses the differance between true Biblical discernment, and slanderous "heresy hunting"

What the Church Can Learn From the Faith Movement

The Word Of Faith Movement: Is It Metaphyisical? Part 1-In this 3-part article, Troy Edwards very effectively refutes the allegations of cultic connections in Faith Theology

The Word Of Faith Movement: Is It Metaphyisical? Part 2

The Word Of Faith Movement: Is It Metaphyisical? Part 3

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