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National Alliance Against Christian descrimination

National Association of Pro-Life Nurses

National Right to Life Comittee

Nave's Topical Bible

NavPress Publishing

Nazarene/Holiness Links

Negative Health Effects of Homosexuality

Net Ministries

New American Standard Bible

New International Version of the Bible

New King James Bible

New Living Translation of the Bible

New Man Magazine


Non-Canonical Literature


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O Theology Site

Of the Holy Scriptures-From the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith. One of the best doctrinal statements on this subject that I have seen

Omnilist of Christian Links GOLD

Omnilist of Christian Musicians

On Solid Rock Resources

On the Cessation of the Charismata-Dr. Ruthven's insightful rebuttal of the believe that spiritual gifts have ceased

1-888-NEED HIM-Main page

One Hundred and Seven Theses-Steve Camp's powerful call for reformation in Christian music

The Online Christian Newsletter

Online Evangelism

Online List of Major Cults

Online Web Evangelism Guide

Only The Word-A site commited to intercessory prayer

An Open Letter to the Killer of Barnett Slepian-Violence is not the answer

Operation Blessing

Operation Save America

Organization of Christians with Internet Home Pages with the Intelligent Design theory, which has been reshaping the creation/evolution debate

The Origins of the Pentecostal Movement-An article by noted Pentecostal historian Vinson Synan

The Other Side-A look at pro-abortion violence Search Engine

Our Daily Bread

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Rod Parsley Ministries

Janet Paschal

Passion of Christ: Who Is Jesus?

Pathway Press

The Paul Project-Some interesting insights into the Apostle Paul's life and ministry

Peggie's Place-A very friendly site with lots of helpful links!

Pentecostal Charismatic Religious Studies Resources

Pentecostal Evangel-Official magazine of the Assemblies of God

Pentecostal Heritage Center

Pentecostal History

Pentecostal Online Hymnal

Pentecostal Theology.- A rescource page from Lee R. Martin, a minister in the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee)

Pentecostals and Anti-Intellectualism

The Perpetual Church

The Persecuted Church

The Persecution Project

PhAt pHiSh

Philosophy 1-Introduction to the discipline of philosophy

Philosophy and Theology Links

The Physical Benefit of Praying or Speaking in Tongues-Some astounding medical research from Dr. Carl Peterson

A.W. Pink Archive-Reformed Baptist Theologian

The Pneuma Foundation-An informative collection of Charismatic related news and information

Power of the Word-The TV ministry of our Pastor, Dr. Ed King

The Power of Your Testimony

Praise & Worship Lyrics

Praise & Worship Lyrics & Chords

Pray! Magazine

Praying in the Spirit Series -An outstanding series of articles by Robert Graves. To view the individual articles, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download free Here. Topics covered are:

Precept Ministries-Kay Arthur

Presbyterian Church In America

Presidential Prayer Team

Pro Life Canada Index

Pro Life Data Exchange

Pro Life Democrats

Probe Ministries

Project Vote Smart

Prominant Theologians Who Support the Gap Theory-More than you might realize!

Promise Keepers

Promote the Ten Commandments

James Puckett Ministries Featured Link: October, 2003

A Puritan's Mind

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Questions about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit -From the Assemblies of God

Quick Answers To Excuses-A very valuable evangelism tool

Quotes-Inspiring Christian based quotes

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Radiant Life-Popular Pentecostal Sunday school curriculum

Ragamuffin Band-Former band of the late, great Rich Mullins

The Raven's Nest-A beautifully designed page with very edifying content

Leonard Ravenhill-Author of the classic book Why Revival Tarries

Razormouth-"Gen X" Christian news magazine

Reading of the Bible for Catholics

Ready To Reason-by Greg Bahnsen

The Real Clinton Legacy Caution: Very graphic

Reasoning From the Scriptures Ministries-Ron Rhodes

Reasons to Believe-The apologetics ministry of Dr. Hugh Ross.

Redemption Church International, Knoxville, Tennessee-Pastors: Ed and Nora King. This is our home church.There's a Place For You!

Redemption Church International Music Ministry-Check out the awesome CDs "Sounds of Redemption" and "Clearly Different"

Reformation Today

Reformed Reader

Register to Vote Online

Religion or Christ: What's the Difference?

Renew America-Alan Keyes

A Reply to John F. MacArthur, Jr.-A good response to MacArthur's book "Charismatic Chaos" by Regent University Professor J. Rodman Williams

Rep. Tony Hall's Speech to the 1996 Democratic National Convention-Rep. Hall is a noted pro-life Democrat.

Republican National Coalition for Life

Resource Christian Music

A Response to "Charismatic Chaos"-Another rebuttal of John MacArthur's book, this one by Vineyard Pastor Rich Nathan

Revisiting the Sins of the Great Awakening -Today's anti-charismatic propoganda is nothing new. James Spencer shows us how similar logic stopped one of histories greatest revivals in its tracks.

RHEMA Bible Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma-Pastor: Kenneth Hagin, Jr. A pioneering church in the message of Faith.

River of Life Church, Chatanooga, Tennessee-Pastors: Alan and Terri Crider. Another great church in the Volunteer State!

Rob's Christian Links and Search Engine

Oral Roberts Ministries

Pat Robertson

James Robison-Host of Life Today

Roe V. 30 years of life denied

Roe v. Wade Is Not the Law of the Land Interesting article by Greg Moeller

Royal Rangers

The RU-486 Files-Information concerning the abortion pill.

The Rutherford Institute-Working for religious liberty and human rights

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R. W. Schambach Ministries

Robert Schuller

Science and Abortion: The Scientific Basis for a Prolife Position

Scientific Evidence For The Bible

Scofield Referance Notes

Scum of the Earth Church, Denver, Colorado-This is an interesting one

2nd Chapter of Acts

The Septuagint LXX: Greek and English-Greek translation of the Old Testement

Servants In the Name of God

711.Net Christian Internet Assistance

Seven Tactics Of The Heresy Hunters-This important article discusses the differance between true Biblical discernment, and slanderous "heresy hunting"

Shockwave Gospel Presentation

Signs and Wonders in the Writings of the Church Fathers

Silent Scream-Caution: Very graphic

Sketches of Church History: From AD 33 to the Reformation

Sky Angel Satelite Network

Slain In the Spirit: Fact or Fiction?- An online book by Ezra Coppin

Alvin Slaughter Concert Ministries

Smithwood Baptist Church, Knoxville, Tennessee- Pastor: Michael O'Neal. Our good friend Kenneth is a deacon here

Jay Snell Ministries Music Search Engine


Soul Journey-Formerly Campus Journal

The Soul Winner-A classic work by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Southern Baptist Convention

The Spurgeon Archive-Lots of fascinating resources on "The Prince of Preachers"

Spurgeon's Puritan Catechism

Rebecca St. James-Another of Australia's gifts to Christian music

John Starnes

State Pro-Life Efforts and Information

Wayne Stayskal-Clever cartoons with a message!

Stonewall Revisited-A compassionate Gospel Presentation to homosexuals Holiness Theology Site

Street Preachers' Manual

Tim Storey Ministries

LeSea Global-The continuing ministry of Dr.Lester Sumrall

Billy Sunday Online

A Survey of Christian Epistemology-by Cornelius Van Til

Hilton Sutton World Ministries-Dr. Sutton's specialty is end-times prophecy.

The Sword and the Trowel-Excerpts from Spurgeon's classic publication

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Les Taylor's Old Fashioned Gospel Campmeeting MIDI Webpage

Teen Challenge

Ten Reasons To Believe

Theistic Philosophers on the Web

Theological Dictionary

Theology Discussion List

Theology Online Community

The Theology Web Site

Thinkman's Scripture Thoughts

35 Reasons Not To Sin

This is Why...-An explanation of Charismatic worship

Third Day-One of our favorite bands. These guys can rock!

Cal Thomas-Christian news columnist

Time Out With God-A devotional for the Ladies

Times Square Pulpit-David Wilkerson

2 Be Friends Christian Community

Today's Christian Woman Magazine

Tools of Apologetics-by Greg Bahnsen excellent conservative news site

Traditional Values Coalition

The Trail of Blood-An early Baptist history

Treasures in the Snow -Christian E-zine by the Noble family

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Trinity Broadcast Network

The Truckers Place Chapel-An online truckstop chapel ministering to the trucking industry

William Tyndale-History of the English Bible

Tyndale House Publishers

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Ultimate Christian Rescources List

Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List

Undivided Heart Ministries-A wonderful new ministry to Christian singles, ran by our great friend Crystal Godfrey

United States Constitution

Unshackled!The radio voice of Pacific Garden Mission Christian Links

The Upper Room

The Urban Alternative-Tony Evans

Utah Lighthouse Ministry-A Christian ministry to Mormons

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Veggie Tales

Victory Through the Word Ministries-An outstanding site refuting the false accusations against the Charismatic/Word of Faith movement Featured Link: April, 2003

Vineyard Christian Fellowship-Official Homepage

Vineyard Music-Home of the popular "Winds of Worship" series, and much more. Great stuff!

Vineyard Music Fan Site

Voice of the Martyrs-Speaking for the persecuted church worldwide

Voter Guide Links-From various Christian/pro-family organizations

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Web Evangelism Resources

Hymns by John and Charles Wesley

Sermons by John Wesley

Wesley Center For Applied Theology

Wesleyan Church

Wesleyan Studies

Wesleyan Theological Journal

Wesley's Plain Account of Christian Perfection

Westminster Confession of Faith

What Is Truth?

What the Bible Says About...

What the Church Can Learn From the Faith Movement

Karen Wheaton Ministries

Keith Wheeler Ministries

William Jennings Bryan on Evolution-Powerful article by the Scopes Trial prosecutor, written shortly before his death

Which Miracles Are Real?-by J. Rodman Williams

Who Do You Think I Am?-Good online tract from Grace To You Ministries

Who Is Jesus?

Who Is This Man Who Says He's God?

Why Christianity?

Why Do They Ask For Money?-Tackling a popular stereotype of TV ministers, especially Charismatics

Why Partial-Birth Abortion Is Never Medically Necessary

The Wicket Gate-Online magazine published by the Reformed Baptist Church, Inverness, Scotland

J. Rodman Williams-Excellent Charismatic theologian. Author of Renewal Theology

Witnessing In Chat Rooms

Women's Aglow

Woodvale Christian Resources

Word of Faith Ministry Links

The Word Of Faith Movement: Is It Metaphyisical? Part 1-In this 3-part article, Troy Edwards very effectively refutes the allegations of cultic connections in Faith Theology

The Word Of Faith Movement: Is It Metaphyisical? Part 2

The Word Of Faith Movement: Is It Metaphyisical? Part 3

The Word of Faith Zone

World Council of Churches Consultations with Pentecostals

World Magazine-Conservative News Analysis

World Vision

Worship Christ-A very encouraging and edifying site

Worship Leader Magazine

Worship Together Music and Worship Resources

WWJD?-The Official Website

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Yahoo Directory: Christianity

Young's Literal Translation of the Bible

Peter Youngren Ministries

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Ravi Zacharias-Outstanding Christian apologist

Zillions of Religious Links

Zondervan Publishing

Darlene Zschech-The beautiful voice behind "Shout to the Lord" and "Touching Heaven, Changing Earth"

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