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Abortion: A Christian Perspective

Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation-by former President Ronald Reagan

Abortion and Genocide-Some shocking parallels presentation to Muslims, including Arabic and Turkish versions

Acquire the Fire-Youth Devotional

Active Christian Search Engine and TOP100 Sites. 25000+ Links

Acts Search

Alan Keyes Pro Life Speech -From the 1996 Presidential campaign. Very powerful.

Chris Alford's Worship Website Featured Link: July, 2003

Alpha and Omega Ministries-Theologian and apologist James White. Features some good material on the "King James Only" debate

American Center For Law and Justice-A Christian civil liberties organization

American Family Association

Amplified Bible

American Portrait Films-Offering a large selection of Christian, Creation Science and Pro-life videos



John Ankerberg

Answering Healing Objections 1 by Dave Root

Answering Healing Objections 2 by Mike Fackerell

Answering Objections To Christianity-by Greg Bahnsen

Answers In Genesis-Creation science apologetics taught from a young earth perspective

Answers to Jehovah's Witnesses

Ante-Nicene, Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers- A volumous collection of church history documents

Apocrypha-Although we do not accept the Apocrypha as Scripture, it does contain some important historical data.

Apologetics In Practice-by Greg Bahnsen

Apologists Bible Commentary

Arguments Against Abortion to Arminian/Wesleyan theology, refutes Calvinist teachings on issues such as Predestination and Eternal Security

The Arminian Magazine

The Works of James (Jacob) Arminius

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism

Assemblies of God-Official Homepage

Audio Bible Online-The classic narration by Alexander Scourby

Augustine: Confessions

John Avanzini Ministries

A.W. Tozer Devotional

Awana-Inner-denominational ministry to children and teenagers

Awesome Christian Sites

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J.S. Bach Home Page-Bach's works are the basis for many classic hymns

Back to the Bible Daily Devotional

Baptist Faith and Message-Includes both the 1963 and 2000 documents

Baptist Press News

Baptizo-Argues persuasively for Believers' Baptism (Immersion)

Barna Research Online-Christian researcher George Barna offers valuable resources about cultural trends pertaining to Christianity.

Barnabas International


Behind the Scenes of an Abortion Clinic: Ex-Director Speaks -by Carol Everett

Being Pro-Life Is Necessary to Defend Liberty-by Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas

Believers' Community Church, Royal Oak, Michigan-Pastor: Jerry Henderson. An exciting new church in the Detroit area.

The Best Christian Links

Best of the Christian Web

The Bible and Abortion - The Biblical Basis for a Prolife Position

Bible Basics

The Bible Commentary Page

Bible Creeds

Bible Gateway

Bible Genealogy and Ancient History some fascinating pictures and info

Bible Research Foundation/Dake Bible Sales-When it comes to getting grounded in Bible doctrine,Dake's writings are hard to beat!

Bible Study Tools

Bible Trivia-Trivia that isn't trivial!

Bibles In Your Language-Links to Bibles in over 140 languages

Biblical Studies Foundation

Black Americans for Life

Arthur Blessitt-The man who carried the cross around the world

The Blue Letter Bible

Loraine Boettner-Calvinist Theologian, known for his critiques of Catholicism

Ray Boltz

Reinhard Bonnke Ministries

Book of Common Prayer (Anglican)

Books & Culture

Breakpoint-Chuck Colson's insightful commentaries

Louise Brock Ministries

John Brown's Home on the Web-John is a friend from school and a columnist for the campus newspaper, The Daily Beacon. Also check out John's Blog for some astute political analysis.

Bulletin of Web Evangelism-A great e-mail newsletter

Dennis Burke Ministries

"...but Christians Are Hypocrites!"

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Ronnie Caldwell & Peaceable Kingdom Ministries-Outstanding children's minister

Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion

The Calvinist/Arminian Controversy-An overview of the classic debate between Election and Free Will

Calvin's Castle-A collection of links dealing primarily with Calvinist theology

CameronLaw.Com Links

Campus Crusade for Christ International

Can a Charismatic Theology Be Biblical? -Good article by Dr. Jon Ruthven

Canons of Dordt-Where the "Five Points of Calvinism" were adopted

Michael Card-A gifted singer, songwriter and Theologian

Cardoner's Currents of Religion Christian and Catholic

Carman Ministries

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Catholic Encyclopedia

Cedar Springs Christian Stores

Celebrating Our Charismatic and Pentecostal Heritage-An inspiring article from Christian History Magazine

Celtic Christian Tunes

Center For Bio-Ethical Reform-Pro Life site. Caution: Very Graphic

Center For Reclaiming America (D. James Kennedy)

Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics

Center for Scientific Research-Creation science ministry

Morris Cerullo World Evangelism

Champions For Christ

Charisma Magazine Online-Always great reading!

Charismatic Central-Features an extensive links directory, chat, forums and more!

The Charismatic Movement and Reformed Theology-by J. Rodman Williams

Charismatic & Pentecostal Directory -The Largest Online Directory of Charismatic and Pentecostal Churches and Ministries

Cheryl's Christian Links

Chi Alpha-Assemblies of God student ministry

Chick Publications-Makers of the popular comic book Gospel tracts. Although Chick does produce some good evangelism resources, beware of the overly-sensational conspiracy themes in some of their material. (For more on this, click here).

Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy

Child Evangelism Fellowship

Christian Answers Network

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM)

Christian Author's Guild

Christian Book Distributors

Christian Book Store Locator

Christian Bookmarks

Christian Broadcasting Network

Christian Catacombs of Rome

Christian Center Church, South Bend, Indiana-Pastor: Stephen Sumrall. Continuing the legacy of Dr. Lester Sumrall

Christian Classics Ethereal Library-Read classic Christian literature online

Christian Coalition

Christian Communicators Worldwide

Christian Computing Magazine

Christian Family Fellowship Church, Greenville, Illinois - Pastors : Ron and Teresa Abert. The House of Praise!

Christian Geology Ministry- Contains some interesting perspectives on Genesis and Creation

Christian History Magazine

Christian Home Pages at Geocities

Christian Interactive Network

Christian Internet Evangelism

Christian Mission, Ministry and Resource Links

Christian and Missionary Alliance

Christian Music Gallery

Christian Net Surfing

Christian Paradise

Christian Reader

Christian Research and Evangelism

Christian Research Institute- Although we strongly disagree with CRI's anti-Word of Faith policy (click Here for more on this), we applaud their commitment to evangelism and apologetics

Christian Resources

Christian Resources About Homosexuality and AIDS

Christian Reviews of Movies and Media

Christian Sermon Central

Christian Solidarity Worldwide-Advocacy for persecuted Christians

Christian Think Tank

Christian Web Crawler

Christian Women of the Web

Christian World Daily

Christian Writers Fellowship International


Christianity and Buddhism Compared

Christianity and Hinduism Compared

Christianity and Islam Compared

Christianity and New Age Compared

Christianity Today Online-America's most respected Christian magazine!

Christianity: Top Links


Christians 4 Europe

Christians Online

Church History Documents

Church History Study Helps

Church History Timeline

Church of God (Cleveland, TN)

Church of the Nazarene

Church on the Move, Tulsa, Oklahoma- Pastor: Willie George. This church is on the cutting edge of children's ministry!


Citizen Magazine-From Focus on the Family

City of Faith Hope Love

City Harvest Church, Singapore-Pastor: Kong Hee. A visionary church impacting Asia and the world!

Adam Clarke Commentary

Don Clowers Ministries

College Conservative

Compel Them to Come In-One of Charles Spurgeon's best known evangelistic sermons

Concerned Women For America

Confessions of an Ex-Abortionist-An eye-opening article from Dr. Bernard Nathanson

The Conservative Activist's Home Page

Conservative Book Club

Constitution Party-Alternative pro-life political party

Contact Your U.S. Representative

Contact Your U.S. Senator

Contact the White House

Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) Magazine

Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Kenneth Copeland Ministries Respond-A first hand rebuttal to Faith critics

Coral Ridge Ministries-D. James Kennedy

Cornerstone Magazine-One of the original "Jesus People" publications. Has some interesting articles

The Council of Trent-Contains the controversial statements on Justification which are at the root of the Catholic/Protestant controversy

Covenant Life Worship Center, Lake City, Tennessee-Pastor: Tony McAfee. Come feel the fire!

Creation Days-A Gap Theory site based in Denmark

Creeds, Confessions, and Catechisms-Historic summaries of Christian belief

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Online

Crossings Book Club


Current Thoughts and Trends for Evangelism


The Cyber Hymnal-Features over 2,400 Christian hymns and Gospel songs from many denominations. You'll find lyrics, scores, MIDI files, pictures, history, and more!

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Daily Bible Reading Plans

Daily Confessions From God's Word

Daily Encounter

Daily Guideposts

Daily Wisdom

Darby Translation of the Bible

Dave's American History Web Pages-From his student teaching at Union County High School, Maynardville, TN.

A Decade of Jesus Music: 1969-79

Dee's Christian Links


Democrats For Life

Devotions For Dieters

Divine Healing: Spiritual or Physical? by Troy Edwards

Designs By Dawn-Christian T-shirt design by a friend from our church

Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?

Discover God

Do I Really Need to Study Church History?

Documents of the Protestant Reformation

Does God Really Exist?

Does Sickness Glorify God? by Troy Edwards

Doing Time For God-Write letters to and on behalf of imprisoned Christians

Dokimos Featured Link: November, 2003

Drawing Near-Devotional by John MacArthur

Dred Scott, Again-by the late Robert P. Casey, former Governor of Pennsylvania and a pro-life Democrat

Phil Driscoll-Music For a New Millinium

Ed Dufresne Ministries-Fresh Oil from Heaven!

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Eagle Forum (Phyllis Schlafly)

Early Church Fathers

Early Church Fathers and Abortion

Early Feminists on Abortion-You might be surprised!

Ed's Page- A powerful tribute to the Bible!

Encyclopedia of Christian Links

Enrichment Journal-A journal for Pentecostal ministry

Eternal Perspective Ministries

Eusebius-Considered the Father of Church History

Evangecube Ministries

E-vangelism: The Internet Mission

Evangelical Free Church

Evangelical Theological Society

Evangelical Times-British Christian newspaper

Evangelicals and Catholics Together-Read the text of this historic, yet controversial document, as well as articles on both sides of the issue

Evangelism and Apologetics-by Greg Bahnsen

Evangelism Explosion International-Dr. Kennedy's classic evangelism course

Evangelism Toolbox

Evangelism Tool Box

Darrell Evans-The man behind great songs such as "Trading My Sorrows" and "Freedom"

EvanTell-Evangelism training site

Evangelistic Web Sites

The Exchanged Life

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Faith Christian Center, Westerville, Ohio-Pastor: Ed Wilcox. We have several friends from this church. They have an awesome internet ministry!

Faith Outreach Church, Clarksville, Tennessee-Pastor: William Luffman. This is an excellent church with a very innovative site!

Faithmaps-Tools for navigating theology, leadership, discipleship and church life in postmodernity

Faithworld, Orlando, Florida-Pastor: Clint Brown. Pastor Brown is a noted teacher, singer and songwriter. Jerry Falwell

Family Research Council

Federal Election Commission

Feed the Hungry

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Fides Quaerens Internetum Christian Theology Page

54 Verses on Hell-Yes, it does exist

55 Fatal Flaws: An Analysis of "Christianity in Crisis"-A thought provoking rebuttal to Hank Hannegraaf's controversial book

Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings

First Light ProductionsWeb designs by our good friend Chris Johnson, a deacon in our church. Chris designed Dr. Dufresne's above listed site.

Fish Net

Fish The Net

Floodgate Records-The passionate voice of Rita Springer

Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family Canada

The Formation of the Canon of the New Testament -by B.B. Warfield

Founders MinistriesCalvinist movement withing the Southern Baptist church

Four Gospels Parallel

Fox's Book of Martyrs

Free Presbyterian Church

Free Will Baptist Church

Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry

Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship

Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International

Full Gospel Prayer Fellowship, Kuwait - Pastor: S. Shunmugam. The Holy Spirit is moving around the world!

The Fundamentals Homepage- A study of basic Christian doctrine

Fundamentalist Atheists?

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Bill and Gloria Gaither -A must-visit for Southern Gospel fans!

Gary Meggs-Christian jazz saxaphonist Baptist site

Gideons International

Gigantic Page of Christian Links

Glen Braden's Christian Links

Global Church Listing

Glorify The Lord-An excellent site loaded with cool features

Glossary of Theological Terms

GoodNClean Christian Resources

God's Word For Today-Assemblies of God Daily Devotional

The Good Book and The Big Book: A.A.'s Roots in the Bible

MG SRC="whiteball.gif"> GOSHEN Christian Search Engine and Directory


Gospel Music Association

Gospel Music Television

Gospel Publishing House

Gospel Tent Revival Page

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association-The twentieth century's most beloved evangelist!

Great Is Thy Faithfulness-by Larry Burkett

Greek Lexicon

Steve Green

Guideposts Magazine Online-An inspirational classic!

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Habitat For Humanity

John Hagee Ministries

Kenneth Hagin Ministries

The Hall of Church History

Harrison House

Have the Gifts Stopped Being Given? -Good article by Robert Longman

Norvel Hayes Ministries

Jack Hayford Ministries

Healing and God's Sovereignty by Bob Brassett

Healing Scriptures

The Heap Family Home Page-A Christian family in New Zealand

The Heart of the Matter: Knowing and Believing-by Greg Bahnsen

Heart of Worship

Heartlight Magazine

Hearts For Christ Ministries

HeavenMist (Jennifer's Sanctuary)

Hebrew Lexicon very creative evangelistic site

Kent Henry Ministries

Matthew Henry's Concise Bible Commentary

Heresy Hunters Institute-A hilarious parody of the anti-faith movement

Hillsongs Music, Australia

HIS-Net Evangelism Sites Directory

Historical Evidence For The Bible

The History of Protestantism -Article by J.A. Wylie

Hitchcock's Bible Names

HM (Hard Music/Heaven's Metal) Magazine-Not exactly our style of music, but some interesting articles nonetheless

Holy Club Wesleyan Discussion Group

The Holy See-The Pope's official home page. A helpful research tool, even for non-Catholics

Holy Spirit Baptized With Bible Evidence-A helpful study of tongues

Holy Trinity Apologetics

Home School Defense League

The Hope of Glory-A great site from chat friend Cross Bearer!

Hosea Intercessors Of Prayer Warriors

How Can I Be Born Again?-Online tract published by our home church

How To Witness On The Internet-by Arthur Blessitt

The Hunger Site

Hymn Society

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I site targeted toward college students


I Will Lift Up My Eyes...- A wonderfully encouraging and refreshing site by a friend in Canada Featured Link: June, 2003

The Imitation of Christ-by Thomas a Kempis

In the Footsteps of the Lord

The Inspirational Network

In Touch-The ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley

In Touch Ministries Daily Devotional-by Charles Stanley

Injoy-The outstanding leadership training ministry of Dr. John Maxwell.

Insight For Living-The ministry of Chuck Swindoll

Insight For Living Daily Devotional-by Chuck Swindoll

Institute on Religion and Democracy

Internet Theology Resources

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Institute for Creation Research-Scientific apologetics ministry, also adheres to the young earth theory

Integrity Music-Praise and Worship Classics!

Inter Linear Bible

Intercessors for America

Intercessory Prayer Guides

International Church of the Foursquare Gospel-Official Homepage

International Charismatic Bible Ministries

International Convention of Faith Ministries

International Gospel Outreach Family Church, Smyrna, Georgia-Pastor, Robin Hancox. Dave's "road church" when he visits the Atlanta area

International Pro Life Sites

Iona-Christian band from Ireland. Joanna Hogg's vocals are amazing!

Is There Really a Hell?

Issues That Make Christians Squirm

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T.D. Jakes

Jan's Page-A nice new site from an online friend

Jerusalem Christian Review

Gianna Jessen's Testimony -The heart-wrenching story of a young lady who survived an abortion

Jesus Connect

The Jesus Project

Jewish Roots of Christianity

Jews For Jesus

Phil Johnson's Bookmarks great Puritan preacher and thinker

The Journal of Biblical Accuracy

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Phil Keaggy-Legendary Christian guitarist

Key Life Ministries-Steve Brown

Ron Kenoly Ministries

Kenyon's Gospel Publishing Society-E.W. Kenyon's rich insights into God's Word have blessed multitudes

Keys for Kids

Søren Kierkegaard Page

King James Bible

King James Only?-Some helpful links from James White

Kingdom Writers

Knoxville Area Churches Online

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Lakewood Church, Houston Texas Pastor: Joel Osteen. Continuing in the legacy of his father, the late John Osteen

Lambert Dolphin's Resources-An extensive library of theology related articles and links.

Last Days Ministries-The musical and ministry legacy of Keith Green

Law and Abortion: The Legal Basis for a Prolife Position

Leadership University-Good theology and apologetics site

Leadership U World Religion Index

Mylon LeFevre Ministries-One of Contemporary Christian Music's founding fathers, Mylon is an outstanding preacher, as well as singer.

LeSea Broadcasting

LeSea Global-The continuing ministry of Dr.Lester Sumrall

The Letter-This "Chick" tract is a sobering call to personal evangelism

Zola Levitt

Libertarians For Life

Lifesite Canada


Lights For Christ Ministry

Ligonier Online-Reformed Theologian R.C. Sproul

Links to Ex-Gay Ministries

Living Rock Ministries Christian Links

Kerry Livgren-Former Kansas guitarist

Love Worth Finding Ministries-Adrian Rogers

Lura Ministries

Luther and Zwingli Compared

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

Lutheran Renewal

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March For Jesus

Mark 16:15-20: Is It Genuine? -Are signs and wonders really part of God's Word?

Marketplace Meditations

Martin Luther's 95 Theses-The document that sparked the Reformation

Matthew 24 Ministries

Josh McDowell Ministries-Ground-breaking Christian apologist

MCU Virtual Library

Media House International

Brenda W. Medlin-Inspirational romance writer


Metropolitan Tabernacle, London, England -Pastor: Peter Masters.The great church once pastored by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Joyce Meyer Ministries

Millennium Mission

Dick Mills Ministries

Ministry Helps-Leon Bible's site is loaded with helpful resources!

Modern Reformation-Published by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

Don Moen

Moments Together for Couples

Moody Bible Institute

Morning and Evening-Devotional by the "Prince of Preachers," Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Morning Star International-Church planting, campus ministry, world missions

Moses' Home Page-Contains some interesting information on the origins of the church. This site is also the home of Burning Bush Bible Chat

Ms. Mildred's Mission-Our good friend Mildred's wonderful work with gangs and at-risk kids

Multnomah Publishers

My Utmost for His Highest-by Oswald Chambers. A devotional classic!

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